MABI Sverige AB is part of the Hedin Group and is one of Sweden's largest individual car rental companies. Since the start in Stockholm in 1989, we have grown constantly and today we offer car rental in more than 150 locations across the country. Our purpose is to provide the market with rental cars at competitive prices without compromising on quality, safety, service, or availability.

Our business areas

MABI Rental Cars offers car rental, MABI Mobility develops new solutions for car use in a changing world, such as carpools, MABI Truck Rental provides heavy trucks, and Flexilease is a separate brand for flexible leasing to companies. We are a profitable, demand-driven complement to company cars with long leasing agreements. Rental car is a flexible way to meet transport needs, regardless of whether it is one-day hires or rentals for longer periods. We also offer tailor-made solutions such as our own booking portals and deliveries to your company addresses.