For most vehicles, the lessee must have reached the age of 20. When renting exclusive models such as convertibles and other special cars, 24 years applies.

A valid driver's license must be held by the lessee and presented at the time of rental. For renting a motorcycle, the lessee must have had a valid driving license for the model for at least 2 years. Read more about our rental terms in the PDF below.

General Rental Terms (PDF)


A credit check is performed on everyone who books a car with us to ensure that there are no payment remarks.

According to the Credit Information Act, an information letter is always sent to the respondent. This type of check does not lower your credit rating and is not reported to other inquirers. It does not affect future credit ratings.


We apply advance payment of the rental amount when picking up the vehicle and an extra deposit in addition to the rental cost may also need to be debited on the card until the rent is completed.

We accept embossed cards such as Visa, Amex, Mastercard and Diners. Cash payment and electron card are not accepted.

For some vehicles, two credit cards issued by the lessee are required.


In the event of damage, an excess per claim is charged. It is optional to buy a damage protection waiver in two levels to the rent of most of our car models. With Damage Protection half, the excess is reduced and with Damage Protection full, it is eliminated in most claim events.

For the damage protection to apply, the lessee must fulfill the obligations described in our General Rental Terms. If the driver is under 24 years of age, there will always be a youth excess of SEK 2000, regardless of the level of damage protection.

Wagon damage 15 000 SEK 9 500 SEK 0 SEK
Traffic injury 9 000 SEK 3 500 SEK 0 SEK
Theft/damage theft/burglary 15 000 SEK 9 500 SEK 0 SEK
Theft with key 2 x Basbelopp 2 x Basbelopp 2 x Basbelopp
Fire damage 15 000 SEK 9 500 SEK 0 SEK
Glass damage 10 000 SEK 9 500 SEK 0 SEK
Towing/rescue (own responsibility) 9 500 SEK 9 500 SEK 0 SEK
Höjdledsskada 15 000 SEK 15 000 SEK 15 000 SEK
Damage, own responsibility of drivers under the age of 24 (in addition to the above) 2 000 SEK 2 000 SEK 2 000 SEK
Abroad driving without permission 15 000 SEK 15 000 SEK 15 000 SEK
In the case of own responsibility with a counterparty, excess is charged for both carriage damage and traffic damage.


In the case of replacement cars via insurance companies, Mabi offers free delivery (max. 15 km) to the desired workshop. Applies only to locations where Mabi is represented or by agreement. Please contact us for more information.


For rentals that start or returns at an airport, an airport fee will be added. The cost can vary per airport and is specified in the total price.


If you would like to add extra drivers to the rental, you can, after approval by the lessor, add them to the rental agreement for an additional fee.

The lessee is primarily responsible for the vehicle during the rental and ensures that the general rental terms are followed by all drivers.


To drive the car outside Sweden's borders, a written approval from the lessor is required. Additional cost may apply.


Cancellation are made directly to the rental station where the vehicle is booked. If canceled later than 24 hours before the booked time, one day rental will be charged according to the local price list.


All cars are rented with a full tank. When returning an unattended car, MABI takes care of refueling and charges for the fuel that has been refilled according to our current liter price plus refueling fee communicated on the lease.