Information about the Coronavirus.

We have noticed an increased demand for alternatives to travelers by bus, train and air. We at MABI Car Rental are proud to be able to offer that opportunity and stay open as usual as long as it is safe for our customers and our employees.

Cleaning and reducing the spread of infection.
MABI Car Rental is closely following the updates on the virus from The Public Health Agency and WHO.

We are focusing on ensuring high security for both our customers and our employees. To do this, we urge our staff to wash their hands several times a day thoroughly with soap and dry them thoroughly with disposable towels. As a complement, they should also use hand sanitizer several times a day to avoid contamination and possible spread of the virus. Employees who feel the slightest symptoms of a cold should stay at home.

We have also strengthened our already extensive vehicle cleaning procedures as below.


  • All hard surfaces are wiped with sanitizer
  • Particular accuracy is required on areas that are frequently affected, such as steering wheel, gear lever, door handles, radio / communication equipment, etc.
  • The car keys are also wiped with sanitizer.

Cancellation of rental car
Any cancellation must be made directly to the station where the vehicle is booked. If canceled later than 24 hours before the booked time, 1 day rent will be charged.

Customers who booked through a third-party broker need to contact that broker directly for cancellation.