Swedish Lapland is the rolling hills and the roaring rivers. The vast woodlands and rural romance. But foremost, from the mountains to the sea, it is the perfect place for an adventure.

A road trip is nothing but a perfect way to discover what you have not seen before.

You will love these days when you get in the car and drive. A road trip is something everyone should do at some point. The destination Swedish Lapland consists of 25% of Sweden's area. The destination has the highest mountains, the deepest lakes and the great forests. Between the mountains' Arctic alpine landscape and the coast's more urban Arctic environments, you will find an exciting destination, as large as Austria but with only 300,000 inhabitants. Rich in nature but with little crowding. It is therefore a good idea to take the car through the destination. See how the landscape changes. Meet the shifts of the seasons. Find your inner car driver, somewhere under the midnight sun or the northern lights.

In collaboration with Swedish Lapland