RENTAL CAR Stockholm Nacka (Hedin Bil Ford) - CAR RENTAL BY MABI


Rent a car in Nacka

Whether you are looking for a small rental car for the day, a station wagon that has room for the whole family or something exclusive and sporty, you will find your rental car with us in Nacka. Our car rental in Nacka is located in Hedin Bil Ford

Here you can rent a car in connection with workshop matters or car purchases and it is of course just as well to rent a car privately or in the service.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or book directly here on the website via the form above.



Vikdalsgränd 1
131 52

Business hours

Mon-Fri: 07:00-16:00
Sat-Sun: Closed
Applied:​ 2023-10-20 - 2040-12-31

Pickup times

Mon-Fri: 07:00-16:00
Sat-Sun: Closed

Return times

Mon-Fri: 07:00-16:00
Sat-Sun: Closed